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Westfield Electronics Standard & Custom Cable Assemblies, Connectors & Networking Products

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IP67 Computer I/O Connectors and Cables

IP67 M5 Connectors and Cables - rated 1 Amp @ 60VAC

IP67 M8 Connectors  A / B Coding and Cables - rated 1 Amp to  3 Amps

IP65 M10 Connectors and Cables - rated 1 Amp and 2 Amps

IP67 / IP69K M12 Connectors  A B C D Coding and Cables - rated 1.5 to 4 Amp

Curly Cords / Retractable Cables / Custom Cable & Assemblies Catalogue PDF

IP67 M16 Connectors and Cables - rated 4 Amps @ 250VAC

IP67 M23 Connectors and Cables - rated 8,10, 20 Amps

IP67 7/8” Mini Change Connectors - rated 4,8,13 Amps

IP67 Solenoid / Valve Plugs - rated 6,8,10,16 Amps

to DIN EN175301-803 and Formerly DIN 43650

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 Cable Assemblies Standard & Custom

Board to Board Connectors

I.D.C. Connectors

Crimp & Poke Connectors

PCB Headers

D Types and D type Hoods

Mini Din Connectors

AC & DC Power Connectors

Compact P.C.I. Connectors

DIN 41612 Connectors

ip65_m8_and_ip67_m8_connectors_and_cables ip65_m10_connectors_and_cables

IP67 Products Photo Index Below & Individual PDF Data Links

Industrial IP67 Computer Connectors and Cable Assemblies : Mini-Din Male, Mini-Din Female, Cable / Panel Mount,USB 2.0, Mini-USB, RJ45, D-Types Male, Female, Cable Type, Panel Mount, PCB Mount, 7W2, HDMI - Male,

Female, IP67 Dust Caps for USB, RJ45,HDMI, + Custom Cable Assemblies

IP67 M5 Range: 3 and 4 Pin Types : For use in the Miniature Sensor Market and if you need Multiple Sensors in a Small area. Cable Types on Moulded Cable or Custom Cable Assemblies. Front Panel Mount Solder Bucket Options, Straight Panel Mount PCB Mounting Types, Using 26AWG Wire or Customised Solution + Cable Assemblies

IP67 M8 Series: 3,4,5,6,8 Pin Types available, Some Shielded Options, Vibration Resistant Lock Screw Design, Ideally for Actuators and Sensors for Industrial Control Applications, Moulded Cable Types, Custom Cable Assemblies, 90 Degree Types, Red + Green LED Indication Type, Retro Field Fixing, Panel Mount Solder Bucket, PCB Mount, IP67 Dust-caps,  

IP65 M10 Range: 5 and 9 Pin Types (Push-Pull-Snap-Fit) typically used in the Medical and Automotive Industry, Quick Mate Types Male and Female with Gold Plated Contacts, Moulded onto 24 and 26AWG Cable, Custom Cable Length / Custom Cable Assemblies, Female Dust-Cap available.

IP67 / IP69K and UL Approved Types M12 Connectors and Cables: 3,4,5,8,12,17 Pin Types, Used in the Railway and Industrial Control and Automotive Markets.With or Without Shield, Moulded Cable Types + Custom Length + Custom Cable Assemblies, Straight, 90 Degree, Coded, Red + Green Led Indication, Dual Cable Types, Screw Locking, Quick-Lock Types, Field Assembly Options, Solder Bucket, Screw Terminal,PCB Mount, Panel Mount,

Flange Mount, Male to Female Adapter, T-Connectors / Splitters, Dust-Caps

Cost Effective Bespoke Cable and Coil / Retractable Cables and Straight Custom Cable Design and Manufactured, Agriculture Vehicle Cables / Aviation Cables / Chemical Industry Cables / Military Cables / NATO cables / Electrical Cable / Electronics / Communications Cables / Commecial Vehicle Cables / Trailer Cables / Lorry Cables / Industrial Control Cables / Marine Cable / Medical Cables / Oil / Fire and Gas Installation Cables etc

Circular Connectors and Cable Assemblies for Harsh Industrial Applications and Environments, 8 and 9 Pin available, 4 Amp rated at 250VAC, Anti-Vibration Locking Screw Design, Male and Female Quick Lock Types, Field Fixing Type, Panel Mount Male and Panel Mount Female, Solder Bucket, PCB Mount, Custom Cable Length and Custom Cable Assemblies, M16 IP67 Dust Caps.

Rugged Connector and Cable Solutions for Industrial Applications especially in Harsh Environments where Moisture, Vibration and Temperature Variations need to be overcome. Available with 6,7,8,9,12,16,17, 19 Pins, Customised Pin Loading, Custom Cable Assemblies, available as Overmoulded Connectors Male and Female, Straight or 90 Degree, Panel Mount Straight and 90 Degree, 360 Degree ShieldedTypes. Anti-Vibration.

Mini-Change 7/8” Connectors and Cable Assemblies used for Combined High Current and Signal applications. 3,4,5,16 Pin variants, 4,8,13 Amp Options, Mini-Change 7/8” T-Connectors / Mini-Change 7/8” T-Splitters, Mini-Change Male / Female Connectors and Cable Assemblies. Straight and 90 Degree Types. Mini-Change 7/8” Panel Mount Connectors, Mini-Change 7/8” PCB Mount Connectors, Mini-Change 7/8” Male to Female Panel Mount Adaptors, Mini-Change 7/8” Gender Changer. Mini-Change 7/8” Dust Caps

DIN EN175301-803, DIN EN175302-803-A,DIN43650 Conforming IP67 Solenoid Plugs and IP67 Valve Plugs Options,used with Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Electromagnetic Actuators. Types A, B, C available. PG9, PG11, Led Indication Options, PVC or PUR Cable, Custom Cable Lengths, Custom Cable Assemblies. Temperature Rated: -25 Deg C TO + 80 Deg c.

ISO-BUS 11783 Connectors and Cables - rated 7,18, 40 Amps  IP65

ISO_BUS 11783 Connectors and Cable Assemblies, Typically used for Data Communications and Power Distribution on Agricultural and Heavy Equipment: Tractors, Lorries, Excavators etc. IP65 rated, Plug, Socket, Flange Panel Mount Socket available. Custom Cable Length, Custom Cable Assembly Option.

Device to Board Connectors / Sockets

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 Terminal Blocks

Phono / Power Jacks PCB Mount

UK Mains Power Cords

Telecom / FCC / RJ45 Connectors

USA Mains Power Cords

Euro Mains Power Cords

Networking Products

Cat5e Patch Cables

Cat6  LSZH Shielded Patch Cables

Our Cable Assembly Division Manufactures many customer specific cable assemblies both in the UK and Far East.

Shipments can either be Ex UK Factory / Warehouse or Direct from our Far Eastern Facilities where Pricing / Volume dictates.

We can provide sample, medium and high volume quantities on short lead-times utilising either hand, semi-auto or fully automatic tooling.

Customer Sectors Served:-

Medical  / Military  / Broadcast

Railway / Automotive   

Control & Instrumentation

Sensors: Oil / Fire / Gas

Telecom / Healthcare Monitoring

Agricultural / Airport / Aerospace

CCTV / Web Enabled Devices

Quality Cost Effective Solutions

RF & Coax Connectors

Formed in 1987 and ISO9001:2015 Certified by NQA, Westfield is a Distributor, Manufacturer and Agent / Importer and Exporter for many Major well known brands: 3M, AMP, APFEL,Cxi, Conec,Don Connex, Erni, Fujitsu, Geo, Harting, Harwin, Hirose, Ho Chien, JST, Lumberg, Molex, Oupiin, Preci-dip, Stewart, Wago, Westfield own label plus many more.